Extended Essay

Here you will find a selection of the possible subjects for your essay.

RQ Centre
Here you will find help on selecting the research topic and crafting the research question.

EE Guide and Referencing Guide

IB Support
Here’s a link to the official IB EE support site, where you will find TONS of resources for your EE.

Here you will find guidance on how the EE is assessed.

Here you will find successful EE examples to understand what your EE should look like.

Here you will find all the forms you need to submit your EE.

Research Tools
Here you’ll find different tools that can help you in your research.

Here you will all you need to master your reflection writing and the RPPF. 

Viva Voce
Here you will find information and guidance for your last reflection.

Source Evaluation
Here you will find tools that will help you understand how to evaluate your sources.

Here your find information about the Approaches to Learning that you need to reflect in your IB work.

Image by: Take This. Accessed from http://wheelhouseworkshop.com/2017/04/06/its-dangerous-to-go-alone-take-this/